Friends of the Planetarium  

We have been lucky over the last couple of years to provide upgrades to our facility.  We recently put in the uniview system.  This is a machine that allows us to show objects in space in real time modes.  Combined with other upgrades, we have one of the finest small planetariums in country.

Below are a list of our two major fund givers and we thank them for their donations. 

 Provided funds for the new Uniview system and video systems. 

Provided funding for the new Uniview system and Bose sound system.


                                              Provided funding for new video camera.

We also get funds to help with putting on our public shows from a donation bucket at our public shows.

We are looking for more funding as we have two more major things to upgrade in our planetarium.

- We would also like to replace our old chairs at some point.

- We would also like to add on and have a different entrance to our planetarium.  This would also allow for a meeting room for classroom activities.  Yes its fun to dream.

If you know of a way we might get funding for these please contact us.