Art Teacher
My Schedule for the 2015-16 school year is listed below. If you have questions or need to contact me you can email me at (the fastest way to get ahold of me) or by calling 387-5671 ext. 3662.

                       Semester 1                                                       Semester II
1st hour  AP Studio(s)                                                             1st Hour AP Studio(s)
2nd Hour AP Art History                                                          2nd Hour AP Art History
3rd Hour Painting I                                                                  3rd Hour Painting I/II
4th Hour Painting I                                                                  4th Hour Hand Arts I/II
5th Hour Prep/Lunch                                                               5th Hour Prep/Lunch
6th Hour Studio Arts II                                                             6th Hour Studio Arts II
7th Hour Ceramics I/II                                                              7th Hour Ceramics I/II

Independent art can be scheduled during most of my other hours except Art History and Prep hour. please see my Independent link if you have questions.