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Parking Permits

Students are allowed to park in a school district location as a matter of privilege, not of right.  Every car using the school parking lot must display a parking permit issued through the main office.  Parking permits cost $80 for the school year and must be signed by the student and a parent. Parking regulations are listed on the permit form and ISD 77 parking policy is included with each form.

  • Students who drive to school must park in either the West or East Student parking lots.
  • Observe the posted speed limit, Hoffman Road is now a School Zone.  Speeding and/or reckless driving will not be tolerated. All vehicles should be locked when parked and are not to be used during the school hours.  Sitting in cars is not permitted at any time. The service road is off limits to all student drivers except students in the automotive class who may use it to take vehicles to and from the shop.
  • Vehicles may be towed away at the owner’s expense if they are improperly parked, lack a permit, or if the drivers violate any parking lot regulation..  Students and parents sign the parking agreement; therefore, no further warning or posting of rules is required.
  • While on school property, cars may be subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion of rule or law violation. Canine searches of cars may also be conducted in the school parking lots. Students who refuse to allow a search will face suspension and lose their parking privileges for the remainder of the school year and risk legal consequences.
  • Handicapped parking areas are available in the front parking lot.  The car license must have an approved Minnesota decal indicating a handicapped driver.
  • Click the following link to purchase the parking permit.
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